Bio E, ICMR develop antisera for Covid treatment, prevention

Hyderabad-based vaccine maker Biological E, in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), has developed “highly purified antisera” that can be used in prevention and treatment of Covid-19.

Antisera are blood sera that contain antibodies against a specific viral toxin or antigen and are injected to help in the treatment or prevention of the diseases associated with that virus.

“Such measures have previously been used in medical science to control many viral and bacterial infections such as Rabies, Hepatitis B, Vaccinia virus, Tetanus, Botulism and Diphtheria,” tweeted ICMR on Thursday.

While plasma recovered from Covid-19 patients could serve a similar purpose, ICMR said the profile of antibodies, their efficacy and concentration keep varying from patient to patient. These factors, therefore, make plasma an “unreliable” clinical tool for patient management, it added. “Standardisation achievable through equine sera based treatment modality thus stands out as yet another remarkable public health initiative supported by ICMR in the time of Covid,” said ICMR.

Source:- indianexpress